Trevor Aloka

Aloka Trevor is a 22-year-old self-taught, mixed media visual artist based in Kampala. He has been practising art for three years. After completing college he pursued a mechanics course. However, he never finished the course and instead joined the Kampala art scene through 32° East Arts Trust Uganda, an Art Space located in Kansanga.

As an artist, he is inspired by daily events in the society thus creating art and creating a platform for discussion, debate and opinion on social issues. He has engaged in various art events since his orientation to the  Ugandan art frame, these being AtWork Kampala in 2018, an art residence at 32°Ugandan East Arts trust an art space in Uganda2019, a residence at an art space called Casa Tres Patios in Colombia Medellin 2020, Surfaces group exhibition at Afriart Gallery located in Uganda, East Africa Art Biennale and at Nafasi art space in Dar el salaam  

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