Nadunga Alison

A Ugandan artist whose practice is majorly around origami, scrapbooking, mosaic and recycling art. Her professional training in Public Health did not stand in the way of her burning desire to view concepts and exercise her expression through the scope of her visual artistic eye.

Nadungas practice for a while has been largely influenced by the faces of her multi disciplinary skill sets (Table tennis, hockey & violin) that she juggles to and believes add value to pivotal elements that she uses to execute while at her artistic practice.

Although she has ventured into lots of art forms, Origami is her main focus which she executes with attention to detail of geometry, rhythm, algebra and color. The layers of all these elements create a unique blend to the process and final products of her work which have made her champion ideas to existing issues in the different fields of artistic practice that she ventures into.

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