Martin Kharumwa

As a freelancer in the region, Martin Kharumwa worked on editorial assignments focused on documenting contemporary stories from the point of his subjects.

Whether in Tanzanian refugee camps, Kenyan truck stops or girls’ schools in remote
areas of Rwanda, he shines a light on the experiences, shaping Africa today. He
collaborates with artists in the region to create deeply textured and vibrant
photographs that show a multifaceted view of contemporary East Africa; from colourfulfashion portraits to slice-of-life street shots. His favourite themes are identity andinnovation; his work often cheekily exploring the ways in which Africans get by and
make do in restrictive circumstances.

Kharumwa is committed to documenting life on the continent as an insider and
allowing young Africans to present themselves as they wish to be seen by the world. He creates work that communicates within the African context and allows young people across the continent to speak to each other. His work contributes to a collective perception of young Africans of themselves.

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