Sarah Ijangolet is an artist based in Kampala, Uganda, proficient in traditional painting but choosing digital art as a medium of expression – specifically vector illustration and portraiture in Adobe Illustrator. With her skills, Sarah often illustrates women and is interested in depicting fashion, afro-futurism and punk.

Sarah is also fascinated by Ugandan folklore and mythology, a lot of her work being an exploration of the rich world of Ugandan fantasy and mythos as passed down from generation to generation. She chooses not to be limited in her depiction of Ugandan deities and supernatural beings, allowing her imagination to stretch and mould their visages and appearances to accommodate how truly extraordinary the tales about them are.

In doing so, Sarah hopes to conserve as many of these folk tales as possible and create many more. Additionally (as of 2019), in pursuit of this goal, she is also transitioning into Immersive Theatre & Sound as a medium to execute storytelling in a new and exciting way in Uganda, by creating/ writing scripts and designing immersive experiences that most suitably communicate them to her audiences.

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